TEDGlobal 2009 推特实时文字直播(第一天)

各位TED粉丝朋友,大家好!TEDGlobal 2009会议已于今天开幕了。第一场演讲将于北京时间今晚9点开始,届时 @TEDtoChina 会在 twitter 上进行实时报道,欢迎大家关注。




RT @TEDchris: BBC begins coverage of TEDGlobal (BBC开始报道TEDGlobal大会)http://tr.im/tiHa #TED about 7 hours ago

#TED Alain de Botton 第一个上台演讲,他讲的题目是关于成功、名利的认识。 about 5 hours ago

#TED Stefan Sagmeister(施德明)上台。(我们在09年1月16日以《超级分享:从日记到公共艺术》介绍过这位设计行业鬼才在08年TED大会上的演讲) about 5 hours ago

#TED “cut off the retirement years, and put them in between the work years.” about 5 hours ago

#TED Stefan Sagmeister(施德明)is talking about his life in Bali, design and stuff. about 5 hours ago

#TED Having sabbatical is actually good for your work, says Sagmeister. about 5 hours ago

#TED Chris is introducing Stephen Fry, saying he makes people laugh, and also makes people cry. about 4 hours ago

#TED @StephenFry Douglas Adams would be a fabulous TEDster. about 4 hours ago

#TED @StephenFry 智慧(intellect)与情感(emotion)是不可分的。about 4 hours ago

#TED @StephenFry 要应对物种锐减、动物栖息地减少、生物多样性减少、气候变化等严峻挑战,就应当将我们的智慧与我们的热情相结合,唯有如此才能真正解决问题。 about 4 hours ago

#TED Brass virtuoso Matthew White is on stage about 4 hours ago

RT @TEDGlobal And now, the super secret #TED speaker is revealed: Gordon Brown(戈登·布朗), Prime Minister of the UK. On stage now! about 4 hours ago

RT @TEDGlobal Running Notes from this morning’s TED University are up on the TEDBlog: http://on.ted.com/1k about 4 hours ago

#TED 戈登·布朗:我们这个时代面对着前所未有的全球问题,这些问题呼唤我们建立一种全球伦理,以及全球性的机构,来协力解决这些问题。 about 4 hours ago

#TED 戈登·布朗:每一种宗教的核心都体现了全球伦理。 about 4 hours ago

#TED 戈登·布朗:公众的力量也是解决全球问题的非常重要一环。 about 4 hours ago

#TED @TEDChris 说戈登·布朗的演讲视频未来24小时将在TED.com发布。 about 3 hours ago

#TED TEDGloball session two begins.(TEDGlobal大会第二环节开始) about 3 hours ago

#TED Andrea Ghez asks, How do you observe something you cannot see? about 3 hours ago

#TED Andrea Ghez: Schwarzschild radius gives us key element to proof of blackhole. about 3 hours ago

#TED Andrea Ghez: All galaxies might harbor super, massive blackhole at their center. about 3 hours ago

#TED Willard Wigan, maker of micro sculptures: Best things come in small packages. about 2 hours ago

#TED Willard Wigan’s story in itself defies any notion of impossibility. about 2 hours ago

#TED Joshua Silver says the global need for any eye wear is over 50%. about 2 hours ago

#TED Joshua Silver: A global vision for vision: One billion wearing glasses they need in 2020. about 2 hours ago

#TED James Geary tells the stories of aphorisms while juggling. about 2 hours ago

#TEDThe fifth law of aphorisms is: Aphorisms are like juggling. – James Geary about 2 hours ago

#TED Steve Truglia shows how technology is reshaping stunt. about 2 hours ago

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